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Keep a watch on this page for updates. I lists 'em as I finds 'em!



SAM'S DOT PUBLISHING: in my opinion this is the best small press house publishing today. Overseen by managing editor Tyree Campbell, Sam's Dot has a host of quality literature to buy, including novels, novellas, magazines, chapbooks, anthologies, and illustrated stories. There are also some great free webzines, which maintain the high quality of their print cousins. Sam's Dot is always on the lookout for submissions from new writers and artists, too. This is a great place for everyone.

RALAN'S WEBSTRAVAGANZA: this place is my bible! Run by Ralan Conley, the site gives a comprehensive list of market places that're incredibly useful for all writers, artists and readers. Regularly updated and easy to use, Ralan's List covers the smallest of publishers right up to the biggest professionals. Whether you're just starting out, already established, or just looking for some good stuff to read, this website has something for everyone, and no one can afford to be without it.

SAM'S DOT PUBLISHING (NOVELS): along with all it's other publications, Sam's Dot Publishing is currently seeking novel submissions in the realm of Speculative Fiction. This is testiment to their ambition and growth, which has seen them become major competitors in a harsh market. This link will take you to the submission guidelines.

THE GENRE MALL: run by editor and writer J Alan Erwine, the Genre Mall stocks just everything that's worth while in the speculative independent press. From magazines to chapbooks, novels and novellas, eveything you want - prose, poetry, art - can be found here. Take a browse, you know you want to.

INTERACTIVE FANTASY ADVENTURE: the title says it all, really. I recently heard from these guys, and it sounds like great fun. The tagline reads: "Interactive Fantasy Adventure - Experience the next dimension in science fiction where you are the hero (or heroine!) in a fantasy adventure." What more do you need? Check 'em out!

DRABBLER 10 : Editor Terrie Leigh Relf always ensures the Drabbler competitions are fantastic fun for both readers and writers. Just click on the link for explanations, current themes and submission guidelines. I always make time to enter.

MA:Zine: edited by Kelly Hallam, the flame-haired princess of Luton University, MA:Zine is a non-genre specific webzine, looking for good and interesting writing. Kelly is my university chum, and she's also a sickeningly bloody good writer. Check out her stuff in the White Space while you're there, and say hi from me. And if you take a peek at the issue 6, you'll find some of my experimental writing.

THE UNHOLY BISCUIT: once edited by the rock god Zeke Iddon, but now sadly defunct. Zeke, man, you're like a brother to me. Where the hell are you?!

WRITE OFF: Allison Boast is the chief editor of this webzine, and she was another of my university chums. She's currently looking for stories, poems, articles and reviews of any smell or flavour. She is also being aided in her pursuits by a few more university fellows: Kelly Hallam - poetry editor, Tracey James - fiction editor, and Nick Jones - non-fiction editor. It's all new and exciting!

WE MADE THIS UP: Run by Nick "The Nugget" Jones & Jack "Baby Blues" Gibson (two more old uni mates of mine), We Made This Up is a spoof online newspaper, where the news - you guessed it - is made up. And by Christ it's funny! Nick and Jack are currently on the lookout for roving reporters who also have a eye for not telling the truth. Check 'em out, and try your luck!



NICK JONES: Nick "Nugget Head" Jones and I conducted our BA degrees in creative writing together. He (or so I thought) is a fairly normal guy, but we writers will always have our oddities. Nick has started an online dream journal, and you should read it. I think you'll agree that at some point in his life Mr Jones got hit in the head really bloody hard!

DAVID MOODY: I've been reading this guy recently, and he tells a really good yarn. He's presently going it alone, publishing himself, and making a big success of it. Go to his website and have a browse around; some of his novels are availible as free downloads, and that can't be bad.

BUG ARSON: this site belongs to a very old and large friend of mine, known throughout the galaxy as Big Rob. Here you'll find some of Rob's writing. He doesn't get as much time as he'd like to spend on the craft, which, in my opinion, is a shame because he's very good at it. Hopefully, if I bug (no pun) him enough, he might just start submitting to other places, but until then, enjoy his stories on his website, which includes a rather entertaining novel.

SCOTT VIRTES: I was recently the assisstant editor to Scott on a limerick anthology. He's nice guy, a writer, artist, actor, and film maker - a creative soul, you might say. Check out his website and find out all you can!

KEVIN DORAN: Kevin was in the year below me at university, also doing his BA in creative writing. Mainly a poet, Kevin delves into some interesting writing formats. Check out his website and his work.

JACK GIBSON: Jack is another university chum, and a very good script writer. He's also a jolly nice chap, even if he is an Aston Villa fan. Find out all about him on his website.

MARVA DASEF: a fellow storyteller, and a friend from Sam's Dot Publishing, Marva never tells a bad tale, and looks rather swish in shades. Check out her website and where you can get your grubby mitts on her work.

JOHN BUSHORE: don't be fooled by John's stern looking photo on his site; he also writes childrens stories under his alias MonkeyJohn. He's usually a very nice guy, and a writer of quality prose and poetry.

J ALAN ERWINE: A very busy man, is our J. Not only does he find the time to be a fine writer, he also helps maintain the Sam's Dot Publishing website, where he is also editor for two of its webzines, The Fifth Di... and The Martian Wave. Lists of his novels and collections can be found right here . . . or there, actually, just up a bit on his name.

CATHY BUBURUZ: she's a writer, she's an artist, she's an editor, and she's the queen of all things scary. Cathy's website has some pretty cool artwork, and if you're lucky, some chilling music to greet you. Her work is always worthwhile, and she always looks forward to having visitors . . . for dinner . . .

KEITH JEBB: well, what can I say about this guy? Keith is simply my mentor. He was my main lecturor at university, and dragged me kicking and screaming through three years of a creative writing BA. And now he has the pleasure of doing it all again with my MA. He has a lot of hair; I call him Uncle; he is a brilliant poet, and understands the written word better than any sane person is able to, and I'll let you read into that what you will . . .

DAMON SOARDS: I first met Damon many years ago when he was my piano teacher (I didn't keep up the lessons, and I'm not very good). We became friends, and I suspect we always will be. We meet for a catch-up every now and then, and I'm always sickened but how much more successful he is than me. Damon is a mutil-instrumentalist, and a writer of music and lyrics that form a genuine sound under the name Aletheia. This link is to his MySpace, where some of his work can be heard. He will be big one day - you heard it here first.

KAREN NEWMAN: I recently had the pleasure of sharing the assisstant editor's job with Karen on an anthology of limericks. Her work is well worth making time for, and the website is impeccably designed to scare the pants off the unsuspecting, AND it has a line of balls that follow your mouse around everywhere . . . it's hypnotising . . .

KEITH P. GRAHAM: Keith is a programmer, a harmonica player, and a writer of speculative fiction. There's literally a ton of stuff to find on his website, so check him out!

CHEAP SHOT: This fanzine for music lovers is edited by Hayley O'Keeffe, my little pixie friend from university. She's not a bad poet and fiction writer, either.

NEIL GAIMAN: One of the most inspirational and enjoyable authors I can think of. I've been reading Mr Gaiman since the late '80's, and he's never failed to entertain me. I think, by now, he has earned the prestigious honour of a link on my website :) This will take you to his blog.

MARGE SIMON: Marge is a writer and artist of some quality, and the editor of Star*Line magazine. She might also be one of the nicest people on the planet.

BRUCE BOSTON: I recently reviewed one of Bruce's novels, and I have to say it left me a little envious. He is quite simply a damn good writer, and one of the biggest names in the indie press.

DANA M BAIRD: Dana is an artist and writer of some magnificence, and her website is full of goodies. Her fantasy novel "The Spell Keeper" is now available and selling wonderfully. I had the privilege of being Dana's project editor on this novel, and during that time we became friends. Check out her photos, too. You might find one dedicated to little ol' me!!

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