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I'm not sure what will appear on this page over time. The Following works aren't so much experimental, but interesting. I, like many others, suffer from insomnia. And for those who don't know the details of insomnia, the sufferer often falls into this twilight world where they are not really awake and not asleep (watch Fight Club. The description is pretty spot on). Now, when I'm having a bout, I often get out of bed and read or watch TV. In the morning, I remember getting up, but not what I watched or read. Apparently, I also sometimes write. I've been finding pieces of work, stuffed into the back of a drawer, or hidden between the covers of a book. I know I wrote them, because I recognise my handwriting, but I have no memory of putting pen to paper. See - interesting, right? They're not going to set the world alight, but they're certainly open to interpretation - even I haven't a clue about what they mean. Subliminal writing, maybe . . . I dunno. How they appear here, is how I wrote them.


UNTITLED POEM: this one I found on the back of a shopping list that was stuffed into a drawer on my desk:

Bemoan the whale, lest

twilight prevail, upon

open ground and hallowed

sanctum. Upon greater

seas, over lost

monsters, like the

softest sigh, it leads

to you.


From legend's claws,

of wolves and men,

from fangs of demons

stagnant and grim,

the ashes of fire,

still carrying screams

of witches dark, true

or no. Still it leads

me back to you


AN ENVELOPE STORY: this one I found actually written on the back on an envelope in my kitchen:

My magic envelope could travel anywhere I wanted, just by thinking where I wanted it to go. However near or far, whether it was a place everybody knew or some strange land that nobody had heard of, my magic envelope would find the way. I didn't need a stamp, or to write the address; I just whispered the place I wanted it to go, and the envelope always knew the way. And best of all, when the delivery was made, the envelope always found its way back to me. Sometimes with things in it.



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